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XPEL Paint Protection Film by XPEL Installers

XPEL PPF is the industry standard in paint protection film for all makes, models, and types of vehicles. There’s nothing that looks better, protects better, or performs better over time. M2 Graphix is proud to be an authorized XPEL installer and can get your ride safely protected. We have protected McLaren’s, Tesla’s, Maserati’s and more. If you want your vehicle to stay looking its best, call M2 Graphix today for your professional XPEL Stealth, Ultimate Plus, or Fusion Plus installation.

Sounds great, but what exactly does it do?

  • Preserving the Look: Paint protection film maintains your car’s original appearance, safeguarding its current brand-new look
  • Defending Against Damage: Shielding against rock chips, bugs, and various environmental hazards, paint protection film acts as a robust defense system for your vehicle.
  • Extremely Subtle: With self-healing properties, the film automatically erases swirl marks and light scratches when exposed to heat, ensuring a consistently polished look.
  • Sun-Powered Restoration: With a self-healing property, the film adeptly erases swirl marks and scratches when exposed to sunlight, ensuring a consistently polished look.

This display illustrates the placement options with a Tesla. We are able to apply the same XPEL PPF on your vehicle too!

Lookin' Like new

Like it just got out of the box

The best

Xpel is the world leader in paint protection film. Their technology leads the industry in looks, longevity, and protection. There's really no other choice.

Just what you need

Wherever the areas of your vehicle are that will be vulnerable to wear and tear, that's where we can install Xpel. Applying no more than what's needed keeps your budget in tact.

All Types

Whether you're driving a compact car or a 2009 Humvee with all the trimmings, Xpel PPF is the right choice for your vehicle and will be custom fitted to your ride.

The Word on the street

We make happy customers.

Popular PPF Questions

Paint protection film is a relatively thick transparent layer of polyurethane film that’s applied on top of the body panels to protect the paint underneath.

The coating is applied to your vehicle in multiple stages, before hardening into a glass-like substance on the surface. This super hard coat protects your vehicle from all exterior factors.

Paint protection film reduces the risk of damage to your car's paint job, such as light scratches, rock chips, chemical stains, bug splatter, or hard water spots and swirl marks.

Absolutely! We recommend waiting 48 hours after installation to wash your vehicle and to avoid spraying a pressure washer directly at the film edges altogether, but otherwise wash the way you normally would.

Worry not! Our paint protection film is under warranty for 10 years. This warranty covers: yellowing, staining, delaminating, cracking, peeling, bubbling, and more.


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