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Scratches Happen

Bringin' back your shine

Are you tired of driving around in a ride that looks like it’s seen better days? Then it’s time to check out our Paint Correction service. Paint correction is a powerful way to buff, polish, and shine your vehicle’s paint to perfection by permanently removing surface imperfections. This includes scratches, swirl marks, hazing, and other imperfections that make your ride look like a hot mess. During the paint correction process, we shave microns off the clear top coat to make it as smooth as possible. It’s an amped-up version of polishing, but instead of polishing, we compound and polish the painted surface to bring out the true hue and depth of the color.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and let us work our magic on your car, truck, or van!


Why Sort Out Paint & Finish Issues?

Smooth Operator

Say goodbye to all those unsightly scratches, swirl marks, and other blemishes on your car's paint. With our Paint Correction service, we'll buff 'em all away, leaving your car's paint looking smoother than a baby's bottom.

Blinded by the Light

Are you ready to turn some heads and make jaws drop? With our Paint Correction service, your vehicle's paint will be so shiny, it'll look like you're driving a brand-new ride fresh off the lot. Warning: sunglasses may be required.

Longer lasting beauty

You didn't spend all that cash on a fancy ride just to have it looking like a beater after a few months, did you? With our Paint Correction service, you can enjoy a longer-lasting, beautiful finish that will have you feeling like a boss every time you hit the road. Say goodbye to dull and hello to dazzling!

Paint Correction Pricing

Ready to make your car shine brighter than a diamond in the sun? Then you need our Paint Correction service.

$150 starting point

Fleet door magnets start at $150 Includes 2

Basic fleet logo packages start at $600

Includes doors, tagline, contact info, and rear of vehicle

Partial fleet wraps start at $1800

Includes full colour graphics wrapping half your vehicle.

Full fleet wraps start at $4000

Includes full colour graphics on the entire vehicle.

Ask us about our Fleet Wrap discounts for 3 or more vehicles!


The Word on the street

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Popular Paint Correction Questions

Paint correction is the process of cleaning and rejuvenating a vehicle’s paint by removing surface flaws that dull, haze, or oxidize the surface. These irregularities might be anything from dirt and grime to scratches, scuffs, buffer trails, and more. Paint correction works to remove these flaws rather than simply mask them by using polishes that are applied with a polishing machine to level out the surface.

  • Spider web swirl marks
  • Marring and micro marring
  • Buffer trails and holograms
  • Random isolated deep scratches (not down to metal)
  • Bird droppings and bird drop etchings
  • Light to medium water spots
  • Road tar
  • Tree sap
  • Bugs
  • Paint oxidation
  • Ultraviolet fading

Paint protection uses products and materials like applying sealant, ceramic or wax to protect the vehicle’s outer surface. Paint protection makes cleaning easier and increases the durability of the exterior. On the other hand, paint correction fixes damage like scratches on the vehicle’s exterior surface.

Waxing is simply a level of protection to help reduce possible paint damage from bugs, bird droppings, etc, and give the vehicle mild hydrophobic qualities. Polishing involves the use of a middle abrasive compound to correct paint damage, buff out minor scratches, and bring your paint back to a high gloss finish.


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