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10 foot Tall Branding

Can't Miss Messaging

From directional arrows to instructional messages: windows and murals allow businesses to speak with their customers without saying a thing. Wanting something totally unique in your home like custom wallpaper? Cabinets refresh? We’ve got you covered (in vinyl).

Tower of Power

Custom Interiors To Match Your Style



Looking professional doesn't have to cost a lot. Getting your hours, contact information, and other pertinent details on your windows is a highly effective low-cost way to reach your customers.

Cost Effective

At one time investment for 24 hour display. When facing public space, these wraps are an always-on billboard for your company. Big and beautiful, people will take notice of your walls and your company.

Making Old, New again!

Choose from hundreds of stunning architectural finishes, specifically designed to modernize your home, furniture, or vehicle surfaces. This self-adhesive film is long-lasting, easy to clean and fire rated.

Coverage & Privacy

The scenes behind your windows might not be what you want your customers to be watching at all times. Cover them up with an attractive message and delight your visitors instead.


Adding details in vinyl doesn't write them in stone. Anytime your business needs to update your windows or walls just give us a call. Your information will be changed over before you know it.

Small Can Be All

Even if you have a large surface available, it's not always necessary to cover the whole thing. Beautiful, decals, graphics, logos, and slogans can spice up any sized part of your environment.
Cost Effective

Architectural Wrap Pricing

Custom Wall, Window and Architectural graphics can fit in any budget, with custom options for your home, business, or office.

$500 starting point

Perfect for large decals, logos, and slogans. Have a favourite sports team you want on your wall? We can do that! Live Laugh Love? ... yeah, we can do that too (but we have other ideas also!)

Custom Wallpaper

Starting at $1000. Send us your dimensions for a quote!

Kitchens, floors, counters, cabinetry..

Prices starting at $1000. More cost effective than replacing! Give your home or business a face-lift without all the expensive construction!

Frosted Windows

Prices starting as low as $100 per window. We can also print and cut designs if you want privacy but a bit of visual interest! 


The Word on the street

We make happy customers.

Popular ARCHITECTURAL Questions

Architectural wraps, sometimes referred to as interior vinyl wrap, architectural vinyl film, or interior film, is a self adhesive vinyl backing that emulates natural materials such as wood, stone, stainless steel and textiles. Architectural vinyls are stronger and more durable than our standard vinyls used on most vehicles. They are also textured to give a convincing appearance of looking like real veneer or stone.

Architectural wrap is designed to be applied on smooth surfaces to change the texture and color of the surface of your choosing, such as cabinets, glass, mirrors, table tops, counters, furniture, and some tile floors. We architectural wrap on our front desk, so please come visit us and see how fabulous it looks, and browse our swatch book for other options.

Architectural wrap has increased in popularity because of its updated designs and durability making them a great solution for commercial renovations, new construction projects, or interior refreshes.

Architectural wrap is designed to be moisture and heat resistant, so it can be used outdoors on non-porous surfaces such as ceilings, elevators, doors, glass, cabinetry. Want to change up the look of your storefront? We have some beautiful marble and stone finishes to completely change your look in just a few hours.

Yes! And we recommend it for longevity of the vinyl. Mild soap, or dish soap and water with a sponge or soft cloth is usually enough to maintain your architectural wrap. If the vinyl gets a bad stain, isopropyl alcohol or acetone can be used, but this is only for stains that are really embedded.

We carry 3M DI-NOC and Hyundai L&C Bodaq architectural vinyls. Come by and visit us to look at a swatch book and see the beautiful textures and finishes in person.

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