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M2 Graphix specializes in all things vinyl. If you’re looking for dynamic, one-of-a-kind colour change wraps, custom accents, and stripes, full fleet wraps or minor spot graphics, our design and install team has got you covered. Our skills and experience are unmatched.

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Full Selection of Wrap & Decal Options

Fleet Wraps

Build customer trust, stand out from competitors, and promote your brand.

Colour Change Wraps

Removable, & lasting for years, customize your colour for a fraction of the cost of paint.

Stripes & Accents

Rev up your ride with stripes, hood and roof wraps, or something totally custom.

Boats & RV's

Colour change or digital printed wraps. Boat and RV wraps are all the rage

Architectural Wraps

A high end look for a fraction of the cost in organic or custom designs.

Windows & Murals

Add a splash of creativity to your home or business surfaces and windows.


Victoria’s premier vinyl wrap shop will work with you to design and install your dream wrap!

Popular Vinyl-Wrap Questions

A vehicle wrap is the process of adhering specially formulated vinyl film to the painted surfaces of a vehicle. Vinyl wraps allow you to transform your vehicle’s appearance without the expense or permanence repainting. Wrap vinyls come in a variety of colors and finishes as well as specialty films like chrome, carbon fibre, colour flip and holographic. Vinyl wraps can also be fully printed with custom graphics containing imagery, photos, graphics, or branded elements

The short answer is no. Vehicle wrap films are “removable,” and if applied to OEM paint will not damage your vehicle. However, non OEM paint, older paint, clear coat issues, rust and deep scratches can all lead to possible issues during installation and removal.

We can, but this is not preferred. Not all vinyls are created equal, and a lot of the cheaper options found online are not actually made to go on vehicles. Why risk your cars paint on poor quality films to save a few bucks? We also prefer vinyls we have worked with before and know how they like to behave for installation. We cannot warranty any wrap done with vinyls not supplied by us. 

We have over 20+ years of custom vehicle wrapping experience, ranging from cars, boats, vans, and trucks, to exotic cars and supercars. We have the most training & certifications in Victoria, and the most hands-on vehicle experience. M2 Graphix also have full in-house design services, so if you want custom graphics, we can do everything here from beginning to end of the project. On top of all that, we also offer full detailing to prepare and maintain your vehicles. We are your one stop wrap shop. Choosing M2 Graphix ensures the best level of quality & support not found elsewhere.

Yes, please! Dirt and contaminates on your paint will get trapped under the film after installation if not cleaned properly, which will be seen through the vinyl, can damage your paint, and effect your wrap's longevity. We do offer full detail services which can be included in your wrap package, but if you want to save a few bucks you can for sure do the prep and cleaning yourself.

Give us a call as soon as you can! Depending on the damage, sometimes it can be repaired or saved. Other times we may only need to replace a panel or a small section. Worst case scenario, the wrap must be removed entirely, but more than likely we will be able to pull a section of the wrap and replace it with a new piece of film that was left over from your installation. Depending on the design or layout of your wrap and where the damage is located, we may also need to reprint graphics or simply patch a spot in. We work with local repair shops also.

Vehicle wraps can take anywhere from 2 days up to 5 days (generally). Some more complicated projects may take up 2 or 3 weeks, depending on what you are wanting done. We will almost always need your vehicle over night to be sure the vinyl is curing and adhering correctly before we return your vehicle. We take pride in creating the convincing illusion of paint with our wraps, and you can't rush perfection! Quickly done wraps often fail, lift at the edges, and don't fool anyone.

Yes, we do! We have a great zippy little Mazda 3 available as a loaner. The rate for the loaner is $35/day + fuel. Please ask us about use of the loaner when booking in to check it's availability. If the Mazda is not available, in some cases we can drop you off at work or home, within a 10km radius of the shop, subject to staffing and their vehicle availability.


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