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Our Murals and custom designs use windows, walls, ceilings, and other building features to give your brand a kind display. Impress your customers and crowds, while making your own Brand larger than life. Cost-effective and full of wow-factor, wrapping any part of your building with wraps from M2 Graphix will put your marketing over the top.

Classic Class

Just for you (Your Customers too)



Looking professional doesn't have to cost a lot. Getting your hours, contact information, and other pertinent details on your windows is a highly effective low-cost way to reach your customers.

Cost Effective

At one time investment for 24 hour display. When facing public space, these wraps are an always-on billboard for your company. Big and beautiful, people will take notice of your walls and your company.


Adding details in vinyl doesn't write them in stone. Anytime your business needs to update your windows or walls just give us a call. Your information will be changed over before you know it.

Coverage & Privacy

The scenes behind your windows might not be what you want your customers to be watching at all times. Cover them up with an attractive message and delight your visitors instead.

Size Matters

Showing your brand, message, and graphics in an out-of-this world scale will leave every visitor impressed. Never miss an opportunity to reach out to your customers, our in-house designers will create just the right thing for your space.

Small Can Be All

Even if you have a large surface available, it's not always necessary to cover the whole thing. Beautiful, decals, graphics, logos, and slogans can spice up any sized part of your environment.
Affordable Style

Window & Mural Pricing

Every project is unique and requires an estimate, but these starting prices will give you a good idea as to how each option can work within your budget.

From directional arrows to instructional messages: windows and murals allow businesses to speak with their customers without saying a thing. 

$200 starting point

Perfect for large decals, logos, and slogans. Have a favourite sports team you want on your wall? We can do that! Live Laugh Love? ... yeah, we can do that too (but we have other ideas also!)

Upgrade options?

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Round Our Cost expectations

Some cars have 4 doors, some have 37. The cars with 37 doors getting gold-infused wrap will cost more than a 1994 Honda civic getting a flat blue wrap.


The Word on the street

We make happy customers.

Popular Window & Wall Wrap Questions

A wall wrap is essentially custom wallpaper! And the sky’s the limit! Transform your space into visually stunning works of art.

From standard interior walls to hard-to-stick surfaces like brick or concrete, a wall wrap or mural can transform a normal wall space into a one-of-a-kind branded platform. Wall wraps can be a printed design like wallpaper, specially designed graphics, or even photos. Our lead designer trained in Europe in wallpaper design, and can make your interior design dreams come true. Gone are the days of the tropical beach scene wall wrap from 1998 (unless that's what you want).

Consider wall wraps can also help businesses and productivity. Turn your walls into a dry-erase calendar, to-do lists, or even employee scheduling. Kids at home and need a whiteboard? Need a nice background for Zoom conferences? Green screen for Youtube and Tiktok videos? We can do that.

Oh yes, we can! Got a cool logo you want to be made into a subtle pattern? Blank wall in your studio or front office, and you want something a bit.. different? Can't find the perfect wallpaper to match your décor? We can do that for you with our in-house design services, install on site, and offer both gloss and matte finish options. Whatever you can dream of, we can do it.

Yes, we've done the Sistine Chapel before.

Yes! We have two large format printers and can fully print large wall decals if you just want a company logo, sports team, etc. These are cut to shape so we can also include text and other details.

All wall wraps are printed with eco-sol ink and then laminated with a UV laminate. Our wraps are 100% safe and protected.

Paint off-gasses over time, and this off-gassing can make air pockets under the vinyl. Because of this we recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before wrapping, but depending on paints used and graphics required, sometimes we can install sooner. Definitely reach out to us, let us know more about the paint being used, and we can answer all of your questions.

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