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Commercial & Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Commercial-wrapped vehicles are an affordable way to advertise your business throughout your entire service area. Whether you have one work vehicle or dozens, using fleet graphics is more cost-effective than other forms of mass marketing and has the added benefit of quickly changing when you need it to. From cars, trucks, and vans, we can wrap it all! 

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Benefits of Business & Fleet Wraps

A Moving Billboard

Fleet wraps and vehicle graphics promote your business on the go. From cars to crane trucks, sprinter vans to SUVs -- wherever your vehicles travel, your message gets noticed.

Fast Return

You get more bang for your buck with business vehicle wraps. They turn heads, last longer than radio, TV, or social media, and reach new customers with each kilometer you drive.


Lease your fleet vehicles? No problem. It's easy to add a new layer to update a logo or change a graphic, or remove the vinyl wrap entirely without harming paint.

Experienced Design Team

M2 Graphix has over 70 years of combined graphic design and vehicle branding experience. Let us help you stand out from competitors in a creative and memorable way, which means more customers for your business.

Fleet Renewal

Faded paint? Cover it with a vinyl wrap. While older vehicles require special care, you have many options to make your fleet vehicles look new again, for a fraction of the cost of paint.

Fleet Discounts

We love fleets! Consistent designs, colours and installation help us to keep costs down and we pass that savings onto you!


Your business deserves the best, our team will set your fleet above the competition.

$150 starting point

Fleet door magnets start at $150
(Includes 2)

Basic fleet logo packages start at $600

Includes doors, tagline, contact info, and rear of vehicle

Partial fleet wraps start at $1800

Includes full colour graphics wrapping half your vehicle.

Full fleet wraps start at $4000

Includes full colour graphics on the entire vehicle.

Ask us about our Fleet Wrap discounts for 3 or more vehicles!

Fleet Vehicle Wrap Pros

We’re Victoria’s premier wrap shop because we take pride in our work. With over 20 years of vinyl wrap experience, we know what lasts and more importantly, what doesn’t. Review some samples of our past work here.


The Word on the street

We make happy customers.


Yes! Printed, branded, and customized vehicle wraps are our specialty. Our world-class in-house design team can make your ideas come to life. We can also offer logo design and branding design if you're just starting out. We are happy to work with supplied designs and ensure they fit your vehicle, or we take it all the way from concept to completion.

Similar to colour-change wraps, your business' wrap will last anywhere from 3-5 years on average. Typically commercial vehicles are not garage kept, tend to be out in the sun for long periods, and generally not taken care of the same way that a private vehicle is. Because of this most commercial wraps don't last longer than 5 years. That being said, businesses tend to change and grow over the course of 5 years, and you're probably going to want to switch things up and update your graphics anyways to stay modern and current.

Yes, they are. Business wraps usually do not go as deep into the door jams and complicated areas to save cost for you via labour and materials.

For colour-change wraps we go further to create the illusion of paint and show no original colour peeking through. This usually isn't required for commercial wraps as it is obvious the vehicle was not painted with crazy swooshes and branding.

Spot graphics essentially means large decals or stickers. Things like phone numbers & website on the doors & rear, a logo on the side, maybe a tag line of services. The basics to get your business branded and on the road. Custom QR codes included complimentary if requested.

   A partial wrap could go many different directions, but is a great way to have a large impact for a lower cost. This could mean wrapping the back half of the vehicle and integrating the logo in some how, a decorative swoosh along the bottom, or even gradients that fade into white and end at the doors. Partial wraps usually also include spot graphics, as explained above. We work to design the graphics in a clever way that looks like the vehicle is fully kitted out.

   Full wraps mean we cover the entire vehicle in vinyl. This is great for changing basic white vans into any colour of the rainbow, and can include full custom printed graphics. This is the route to go for maximum impact and advertising. Full wraps attract higher-end clientele towards your business because you look professional and established. For a business wrap this will always include logos, phone, web, and any services you wish to advertise.

Usually, yes! We seek to avoid embedding graphics like phone numbers and websites into the wrap so that we can change and modify those in the future if needed. We try our best to plan ahead for businesses. We can also add or remove social media decals and QR codes in the same way.

Yes, we do! After 3 vehicles we offer 10% off for any future vehicles. After 8 this increases to 15% off.

We recommend washing your wrap when it gets dirty with basic soap and water. Only touchless car washes or hand washing. Pressure washers are okay at a distance.

We offer fleet detailing and a subscription based service also. This is great for if your team members shop locally with our friends at Gescan or Princess Auto- we can do a quick wash while they take care of other business and have them back on the road and looking slick by the time they're done. At the same time we also check your wrap for any issues, advise you of any problems, and work towards fixing them for your next visit (within our one-year installation warranty).


We’re here for you and your business, let’s get going on your project.

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