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Rev up with our custom vinyl vehicle stripes and accents in matte, gloss, metallic and more. Hate the chrome on your vehicle? We can change that. Show your wild side with pins, rockers, and rally stripes — on your trunk, fender, hood, or wherever you please. If you can imagine it, we can wrap it.

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Why Wear Stripes


Get a sporty look for your ride without spending a fortune. Vinyl stripes and accents cost less than paint or a full wrap, leaving more cash for other enhancements like head and tail-light tint, ppf, or custom decals.


With stripes and accents, details matter. Our creative designers will bring your vision to life and our pro installers will bring out those sharp edges and clean lines. The result will blow you away.


No need to worry about future car owners -- our vinyl stripes are easy to remove when it's time for your vehicle to move on -- no damage done!
Affordable Style

Stripes & Accents Pricing

Make your vehicle uniquely ‘you’ with custom stripes or accents at unbeatable quality.

$200 starting point

Single stripes, smaller accents, custom window decals and hidden easter-eggs on your vehicle, starting at only $200.

Chrome Delete

Cover all of the chrome accents on the outside of your vehicle, starting at $400.

Interior Vinyl

Get a quote to cover any interior components in your vehicle to match your exterior paint or vinyl.


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Popular Stripe & Accent Questions

Gotta get these from Mike

A chrome delete is the term we use to describe wrapping over the exterior chrome details on your vehicle, such as around the windows, door handles, mirrors, and if possible- front grilles. We can cover the chrome with just about any vinyl, but gloss and satin black are popular options.

Unfortunately it is rare where we can perfectly match existing paint for aftermarket parts or repairs. The major vehicle brands patent their paint colours (even basics like silver!) so it is very hard to get an exact match. However on rare occasions we have been able to do it, so bring your vehicle by on a sunny day to compare samples. We normally say if you can't match it, don't! Chat with us for creative fixes.

The paint under your stripes will be as pristine as it was when they were first laid. If you're worried about scratches to the exposed paint making a “ghost” effect after the stripes are removed we offer cut polishing through our detailing division. This can be included in the price if of removal you ever decide to take off your stripes!

The door jamb is the inside section of your doors. The part that is normally hidden when the doors are closed, but don't count as interior pieces.

Most times, yes! Send us pictures or come visit for us to see what you want wrapping and what your idea is. We've done custom colours, prints, and even custom wood grain.

Some times, yes. It depends on the size of the badge and the complexity. However, most badges are very small with tight corners that vinyl doesn't want to stick to. Many times we can at least add accents. Often is it more cost effective to purchase replacements in the colour you desire, versus wrapping, when it comes to badges.

Yes! We have some fabulous carbon fibre-effect vinyls, whether you want it smooth or textured, and we can get some interesting colours in too, at about a quarter the price of real carbon fibre!

Yes! We have in-house designers who can make your custom graphics dreams come true. We have the ability to print designs, or can cut them out of a vinyl of your choice.

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