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Looking for a way to give your ride some serious sizzle? Then you should get to know our Ceramic Coating service. Our expert technicians will apply a cutting-edge nano-technology coating to your car’s paint that adds unbeatable dirt-rejecting qualities, protects against minor scratches and harmful elements, and lasts longer than your favorite pair of sneakers.

Think of it as the non-stick coating on a frying pan, adding an invisible layer on top of your paint or wrap to keep the gunk off. So come on in and let us give your ride the shine it deserves.

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Why get Ceramic Coating for your vehicle


Who doesn't want a relationship that lasts? With Ceramic Coating, you can enjoy long-lasting protection in gloss or matte finishes that will keep your car looking like new for years to come. Plus, it can be done over vinyl wraps.

Dirt Be-Gone

Want your ride to sparkle and shine like the top of the Chrysler Building? Splash your ride with water and watch the dirt, muck, and grime fall right off. Ceramic Coating gives your vehicle hydrophobic qualities that make washing a breeze. Never visit a car wash again!

Cutting-Edge Protection

We know that life happens, and sometimes your car takes a beating. With nano-technology Ceramic Coating, your ride's paint or vinyl will be protected against minor scratches, UV rays, bird poop, and other harmful elements that can damage your paint job.

Ceramic Coating Pricing

It’s like a secret superpower for your car’s paint job, and trust us, you’re gonna want it.

Ceramic Coat $1250

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Popular Ceramic Coating Questions

Ceramic car coating – also known as Nano-Ceramic Coating – is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicles’ paint, or vinyl wrap, creating a strong barrier of protection. Think of it like kinda the non-stick coating on a frying pan, adding an invisible layer on top of your paint or wrap.

The coating is applied to your vehicle in multiple stages, before hardening into a glass-like substance on the surface. This super hard coat protects your vehicle from all exterior factors.

• Protects your vehicle’s exterior from deterioration, preventing dirt, dust, bugs, salt, and tar from sticking to your car’s paint. This is due to the hydrophobic effect of the coating, which allows dirt and water to roll off the surface.

• The coating reduces your need for extensive cleaning in the future. Maintaining your vehicle paint is easier than ever. You’ll save time and money on washing and waxing.

• Protection from UV damage, temperatures and oxidation, so your vehicle’s colour never fades. The coating retains the colour of our vehicle, never losing its original look or fading.

• Creates a chemically resistant surface that rejects and is resistant to naturally acidic contaminants, such as salt and grime.

• Increases the value of your vehicle thanks to all the above-mentioned benefits.

Yes! Our ceramic can be applied over wrapped vinyls, as we have several formulas available, one of which is specifically formulated to bend and flex with vinyls. We can also maintain glossy, matte, and satin finishes with our ceramic coatings.

With proper care, you can expect 5-7 years. We also offer check-ups and touch-ups on your ceramic if there are any areas that require it.

No, you can still scratch a ceramic coated vehicle with improper care or other damage. Ceramic coating is more for vehicle maintenance and keeping your paint fresh.


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