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Larger than Life


With more wrappable square footage than any other vehicle, RVs, Boats, & Trailers give you a great canvas to advertise your business, or, express yourself. The bigger the artwork, the bigger the opportunity to make an impression. Get the team at M2 to create your artwork and wrap or decal your vehicle, and start using your rolling real estate to your advantage. 

Custom Club

Why To Wrap Your RV, Boat, or Trailer


You've saved up and finally made the investment in the boat or RV of your dreams. Why be stuck with the factory paint? Express yourself and make every trip in your unique style.

Big Business

Use the space on your bus or RV to express details about your business that just won't fit on a smaller vehicle. There's no bigger stage on the road for your business' message.


Keep it like new. Wraps for larger vehicles can protect their finish and paint to improve resale value while giving it a look or custom branding that's suitable for any use.
Making Waves

RV & Boat Wrap Pricing

You don’t need to wrap your entire recreation vehicle to make a big difference to its looks or longevity. Starting with decals and moving on up to full wraps, we’ve got an option that’s sure to work for your budget.

Custom Names & Numbers

Want your boat name to stand out in a crowd, or maybe you just need BC numbers? We can do that.

Refresh those stripes

Want to replace the swooshes on the side of your RV? Prices starting at $800.

The Whole Enchelada

If you can drive it, we can wrap it. Spot graphics starting at $1100, trailer wraps starting at $2500 & boat wraps starting at $3000. Due to the enormous variance in surface area for this type of vehicle, we need the details before we can provide an accurate estimate for full wraps.


The Word on the street

We make happy customers.

Popular Boat & RV Wrap Questions

We can, but generally applying vinyl below the water is not recommended and not warrantied. More reliable applications for vinyl wraps are hulls from the waterline to rub rail, super structures, top sides, and interior parts.

Yes, your boat will need to come out of the water for hull wraps. Depending on the size of your boat, we can accommodate up to 30’ boats in our shop or we can do on site dry-dock applications.

Most non-hull related wraps can be accomplished with your boat in the water.

This completely depends on the size of the vehicle or boat, and the scope of the work required. Decals or spot graphics we may need the vehicle or boat for a day or two, full wraps up to a week average.

These jobs are custom and bespoke. Options and pricing vary based on the RV and what work is required. It's worth keeping in mind that many RV graphics are very long and narrow, they require a lot of vinyl for those swoops and flourishes. We are happy to remove old graphics, and do our best to cover any yellowing or sun damage left behind.

Yes we can. Our hourly install rate is $150/hr. Please email or text us photos, and we can give you a time estimate for the work.

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